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Tsitsipas wins ATP Finals Title


Tennis   |   November 17, 2019


Greek youngster, Stefanos Tsitsipas, has beaten Dominic Thiem to win the 2019 ATP Finals title.

Tsitsipas victory was a resounding one as he came from behind to win the game, despite losing the first set to bring the final score to 6-7 6-2 7-6. With this victory, Tsitsipas, who is just 21, has become the youngest player to win the event since Lleyton Hewitt did it in 2001, and also the youngest finalist since Juan Martin del Potro did so in 2009, further making it the biggest win of his career.

In the first set, the odds were not in favour of Tsitsipas who struggled to keep up with Thiem, but was not capable enough to do so. But things took a turn for the better in the second set as the Tsitsipas was able to give his Austrian opponent a 4-0 lead, bringing the game to a final deciding set.

The third set was just as complicated for Tsitsipas. He started the set in the lead, only to see Thiem catch him with him. But he was resolute enough to make sure he won the game.

Tsitsipas has had a very good run in this event, with one of the major highlights being when he sent Roger Federer, a six-time champion, out of the event on Saturday evening when he beat him in a two-set game, finishing 6-3 6-4, thereby making it the third final since 2002 to not feature Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, or Novak Djokovic.

He also becomes the 4th new winner to win the event for the fourth year in a row, after Andy Murray won it in 2016, Gregor Dimitrov in 2017 and Alexander Zverev last year. For winning the event, Tsitsipas also claims the £2 million cash prize.



Written by: Leon Osamor