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Osaka Becomes Highest-Paid Female Athlete

Naomi Osaka Tennis

Tennis   |   May 25, 2020



Naomi Osaka is currently the highest-paid female athlete, according to a recent report published by Forbes. In the report, Osaka earned $37.4m, pre-tax, between June 1, 2019, and June 1, 2020, which is the period in view

All of that money comes from earnings from tournaments and also endorsements.  That figure puts her $1.4m ahead of 23-time grand slam winner, Serena Williams, who is the next Tennis star on the list. Osaka ranks no. 29 on the list while Williams is no. 33.

Osaka, who won her first grand slam in 2018 after beating Williams at the final of the US Open, also shattered a record previously held by legendary tennis star, Maria Sharapova, who became the highest-paid female athlete in 2015 after earning $29.7m. For the next four years after that, Williams held that position, earning between $18m and $29m.

Since turning pro in 2013, Osaka has had a very promising career, playing on some of the biggest stages.  She entered the top 50 of WTA rankings in 2016 at age 18, and in 2018, she won her first WTA title at the Indian Wells Open. By January 2019, shortly after winning the Australian Open, she climbed to the number 1 position on the WTA Ranking.

The 22-year old Japanese star has won a total of 5 titles since turning pro, including 2 grand slams. She participated in the 2020 Australian Open where she was beaten by American Coco Gauff in the third round.

Since then, we have not gotten any action from her as professional tennis is currently on hold. Osaka was born and raised in the US but identifies as Japanese and was preparing to represent her home country in the 2020 Olympic Games before it was postponed. She has been a favourite with companies, signing endorsements with companies like Nike and Procter & Gamble.

She recently opened up about dealing with shyness, especially after gaining stardom and having a bigger audience. This made it increasingly difficult for her to hold interviews. But she is now determined to make the most of the attention.



Written by: Leon Osamor