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UFC247: Jones Defeats Reyes

MMA   |   February 10, 2020


It was a good night at the UFC247, which took place at the Toyota Center, Texas, where Dominick Reyes took on the world’s greatest, Jon Jones. It was indeed a thrilling fight as Jones ended the night with a record 14th win, undefeated, after a unanimous decision in his favor.

Despite that fact, it was very obvious that Reyes fought his best. He began the match by firing quick punches and kicks, and even landed a blow that sent Jones down on his back. But the champion was quick to get back, being more careful about his dealing with Reyes. Reyes pressed on more, vicious than ever, with Jones being careful and alert. The second round was also in Reyes’ favor as he fought his best, but Jones was just as matched, even though he rarely threw punches.

Reyes’ domination was a constant feature of the match as he held his stance against the champion, delivering steady blows. Even when Jones hit back, Reyes was quick to recover. At some point, though, Reyes began to drop a little, giving Jones the ability to take charge a bit. But Reyes was always quick to come back to shake things up.

At the last round, it was Jones’s turn to dominate as he landed kicks to Reyes’ body and legs. At this point, Reyes was already too tired, as he had spent all his time throwing punches. So he could not defend himself from Jones’ hits and kicks. By the time the match was over, Jones had done the most damage and was awarded the winner by a unanimous decision.

Although Reyes lost and had his undefeated streak ended, he has shown the world just how tough he can be. Standing against the world’s greatest is not something many can do. Reyes had a lot of talk before the match and met it with action and confidence. Everyone saw the beautiful performance he put up, facing someone as formidable as Jon Jones.

As for Jones, he continues his reign as champion, going undefeated for so long. He also holds the title for most title defenses with 12 so far. He was shaken by Reyes, but he still held himself long enough to become the victor in the match.

Reyes is hoping for a rematch, and we would be pleased to see how that develops.



Written by: Leon Osamor