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Latest On UFC Fight Island

Latest On UFC Fight Island

MMA   |   April 19, 2020


Yesterday, the 18th of April would have been UFC 249 fight night where would have witnessed a classic fight many of us have been looking forward to, but as fate would have it, things did not go as planned as the fight had to be called off by higher powers.

But one thing no one can deny is that Dana White, president of the UFC, fought hard to try to bring the fight to reality, despite the many challenges.

However, all that has not dampened White’s effort as he still plans to do a lot for the UFC. Earlier this month, he had announced plans for a fight island. The fight island would be a private island for UFC fights and other related activities.

According to White at that time, “all the infrastructure is being built right now and getting put in place.” He hopes the place would be ready in a month, just in time for people to start leaving their homes.

White had tried to reassure fans after the cancellation of UFC 249 that plans for the fight island were still underway and the place would be a reality.

Now, in a series of moves to further convince fans that the fight island was truly happening, the UFC has filed for some words to be trademarked. These words include “Fight Island” and “UFC Fight Island”.

According to attorney Josh Gerben, “the filings were based on the intent to use “FIGHT ISLAND” as the name of a mix martial arts competition and for branded goods such as clothing and jewelry,” he tweeted.

From that, we can infer that Fight Island or UFC Fight Island would be the name of a new competition under the UFC and this makes sense because it would be happening in its venue.

Although Dana White has not provided enough information or details as to what would happen on the island, we are now almost certain that it would happen. White is also very determined that the UFC is one of the first sports to get back on track as soon as the pandemic is over.

Written by: Leon Osamor