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Red Bull Runs 2020 Car At Silverstone

Formula 1   |   June 26, 2020



Team Red Bull has conducted their test ahead of the 2020 season resumption next weekend by holding a test at Silverstone with its 2020 car.

This is different from the case of Mercedes and Ferrari who used cars from previous years following F1 regulations.

Alex Albon was the one behind the wheels as Max Verstappen could not come in from Monaco, given the mandatory 14-day quarantine measures in place. So he would have to wait till Austria before he has a chance behind the wheels again. Christian Horner, who is the team boss, was also present at the testing.

The decision to let Red Bull run their 2020 car may have come from the fact that it was just 100km track, because it was strictly for filming purpose, so it would not have made much sense to take the car to a foreign track.

Red Bull could not also use their car from 2018 because their engine from that year was powered by Renault and it would not have been easy to arrange a test between the two. Also, the run was part of their two promotional filming days allowed by the F1 regulations. All that justifies the use of the 2020 car although with show tires from Pirelli.

Everyone is getting set for the Austrian Grand Prix which holds on July 3-5. This would be the first race of the year as the F1 released a revised calendar putting together 8 races between July and September.

Teams are conducting tests to give their drivers a chance to warm up after months of being away and to prepare for the conditions that would be in place because of the coronavirus. Mercedes held their test with both of their drivers at Silverstone while Ferrari had theirs at Mugello. Racing Point and AlphaTauri, who also used their 2020 cars, had their testing in Silverstone and Imola respectively.



Written by: Leon Osamor