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USA Makes Lowest ODI Score

Cricket   |   February 13, 2020


On Wednesday, the United States finished with the lowest number of runs in a one-day international game, after they made just 35 runs before being bowled out of their game against Nepal, equalling Zimbabwe’s score in a game against Sri Lanka in 2004.

Nepal played a good game, as their leg spinner, Sandeep Lamichhane made 6 wickets in 16 runs and was very instrumental in sending the Americans out. It was a good day for Nepal as they played their first match on their home soil, in Kathmandu. The United States side was very weak as their best player in the match, Xavier Marshall, was the only player to have a double-digit score of 16. This would be the US’ fifth consecutive loss and they have also failed to acquire any points in their last four games.

Speaking after the match, the US interim coach, James Pamment, attributed the failures to the absence of structures to motivate and encourage the players. He also cited a case of indiscipline that did not get the necessary treatment after a case involving drunk players hampered their performance in UAE last year. He blamed that on poor administration. He acknowledged the fact that cricket in America has taken a good turn, including the fact that the player’s wages had been increased, but also made it clear that good improvement does not only concern an increase in wages.

Pamment also made mention of the creation of a proper structure to allow players to train even when tours are not taking place so that they can be fit when it starts. He tagged the Wednesday match as an exposure of the deficiency in America’s cricket.

The US is also in need of a good coach as Pamment was only contacted 10 days before the Nepal match, and that gives an idea of why they performed woefully. The US gained ODI status last year after a game in Namibia.


Written by: Leon Osamor