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Nadal not resting after Roland Garros victory, as he features in Balearic Golf Championship

Golf   |   October 27, 2020



After winning his 20th grand slam to equal the feat of Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal decided to take to the golf course and compete in the Balearic Golf Championship.

His participation in the tournament being held in his country is coming barely two weeks to his triumph in France.

The event turned out that the tennis player is also good in the game of golf as he is also adept in football as a Real Madrid supporter.

The Mallorca-born tennis star decided to swap his tennis rackets and balls for golf clubs to compete against 59 other golfers, who were most professional players.

After a round of 77, Nadal finished nine over par to be tied for the sixth position. Sebastian Garcia eventually emerged winner beating Nadal with ten shots to record one under par.

It could be recalled that Nadal has a handicap of + 0.3, having competed in the Balearic Golf Championship previously. The 20 times grand slam winner achieved his handicap of +0.3 in the V Test Hexagonal-Autovidal Circuit of the T-Golf & Country Club from Calviá, Mallorca.

It is known that Nadal previously preferred football to tennis that eventually made him famous. This is because he is also a talented footballer, as he used to play against those older than her due to his physique meant. Eventually, he chose tennis, and it was the right decision for him.

Being one of his passion, Nadal decided to play Golf as part of his relaxation.

Unfortunately, he could not beat Garcia to the Balearic professional golf championship title. But he will remain one of the best tennis players of all time.

Next on his schedule is in the Masters 1000 in Paris-Bercy after completing his game at the Maioris golf courses. He is indeed having fun on the course.


Written by: Oladipupo Mojeed

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