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    The Premier League is Considering Going Back to Playing Without Fans

    Mikel Arteta Arsenal

    Football   |   December 29, 2021


    Several English clubs face a Covid19 outbreak in their ranks. The Omicron variant is causing havoc throughout the country, and the Premier League authorities are analyzing taking action.

    In a meeting with representatives of the 20 Top Flight clubs, the authorities mentioned the possibility of once again limiting the entrance of fans to the stadiums to deal with infections.

    The measure was rejected by those attending the meeting; however, it is still possible to take effect due to the increase in cases.

    The Welsh and Scottish governments have said stricter measures will be put in place at sporting events from December 26.

    The British government has not yet issued any statement in this regard, and for now, all sporting events will continue as planned.

    Faced with the possibility of playing again without the public, some coaches and managers of the top flight teams have spoken about it.

    Arsenal boss, Mikel Arteta, said: “Please don’t go back to that (behind closed doors) stage because we have experienced that and it is something we don’t like – so hopefully it is not what happens.

    “It is a different sport. Football is all about sharing it with people and having fans around the stadiums.

    “When it is not, it is a completely different sport and the competition gets lost. It is not the same. ”

    For his part, Liverpool legend and current Aston Villa manager Steven Gerrard mentioned that the club works hard to keep everyone safe during this new Covid outbreak.

    “My staff and people around the club are trying to do our best to keep the players in the best situation we can,” Gerrard said.

    “Trying to protect them, trying to make sure that we have the environment in the best safest possible way we can.

    “We had a situation at the weekend where one of the players was reluctant to get out of his car because he had some symptoms and he’s got a young family and at the time and you can totally understand his view and his situation.

    “Thankfully he was tested after it and he didn’t have a situation but that player wouldn’t have been available for me on the day.

    “These are the little situations that people don’t see.”


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