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Klopp criticizes Premier League over fixture congestion

Jurgen Klopp Liverpool

Football   |   October 30, 2020



Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has voiced his displeasure at the fixtures schedule of top clubs in the Premier League.

The German coach criticized the organizers with the scheduling of matches, which has led to fixture congestion for the top side.

Liverpool and other Champions League campaigners will have to play two games every week till December.

Klopp criticized the scheduling that sees teams play on Wednesday evening in Europe and then play early on Saturday.

Klopp lamented the situation, claiming that Premier League aren’t bothered about the clubs’ plight.

“I think everybody would agree that if you play Tuesday night, you can play the Saturday 12:30pm game, but somehow the Premier League never realises that, They always put in the Wednesday night game, like last Saturday, Man City had to play this game [12:30pm on Saturday] – I can’t believe it. Maybe I’m too dumb. Premier League CEO Richard Masters and all the others have all said it before: ‘Come on, that’s how it is.’ They just aren’t bothered. I don’t understand why.” Klopp said.

Liverpool played against Danish side Midtjylland in the Champions League on Tuesday and will play West Ham in the Premier League late on Saturday before playing in the UEFA Champions League on Tuesday against Atalanta.

Liverpool has six points in two games played in the UEFA Champions League this season, but they are second in the Premier League standings behind Everton.

Aside from the international break, the only free midweek for Liverpool is the midweek leading to the Christmas holiday.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a winter break for Premier League this season because of the Covid-19 crisis; this means that players will have to squeeze a lot of fixtures till the end of the season in May.

Players will then travel to participate in rescheduled international tournaments, including the European Championships.


Written by: Daniel Ademiju Idowu

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