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Whyte Considering Possible Choices To Face This Year


Boxing   |   January 9, 2020


With news that Dillian Whyte has to wait till the February 2021 for his WBC title fight, the British fighter is not ready to have an idle year as he is already setting up plans for who to face.

Whyte who’s last fixture was in Saudi Arabia last month where he defeated Mariusz Wach, is set to begin talks with his promoter, Eddie Hearn, on possible people to face this year.

As he has his eyes set on April, due to a date mentioned by Hearn in an interview, Whyte is considering taking on Alexander Povetkin. As far as records go, Povetkin has enjoyed an impressive career.

With 35 wins out of 38 fights, 24 of them won by knockout, and he is currently one of the best fighters in the heavyweight category. His record-setting is by no means a recent effort as the 31-year-old has been gaining recognition since winning a gold medal in the super-heavyweight division at the 2004 Olympics, and even before then.

Povetkin seems like the right person who can provide Whyte with the thrill he needs as he waits for next year’s showdown. Whyte is number 6 while Povetkin is 7 in the recent Boxrec rating of best heavyweight boxers. Indeed both of them are amazing fighters who have done well in their divisions.

Whyte admits that Povetkin is a brilliant fighter, comparing both of them together as boxers who do not move. According to him, “Povetkin comes to fight…he doesn’t come to mess about.” Fixing these two men together would be something to behold as, as put by Whyte, we would see who has the best-left hook.

Other possible options Whyte could consider includes Andy Ruiz Jr and Otto Walin. Ruiz, who lost the rematch to Anthony Joshua last December, has always been an interest for Whyte. Whyte was a little furious over Ruiz’s out of shape appearance in his fixture with Joshua, comparing him to a fictional character, Jabba the Hut. He has however made it known that he is willing to travel to Mexico to have a go at the Mexican champion.

Whyte is hoping for a maximum of three fights this year, to begin by either March or April, as he waits to have a shot at Deontay Wilder at the WBC level.



Written by: Leon Osamor