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Hot Fixture: Beterbiev vs. Gvozdyk


Boxing   |   October 18, 2019


This Friday, 18th of October, would be a big one for boxing fans as we get to witness a unification match between light heavyweight champions, Artur Beterbiev and Oleksandr Gvozdyk.

The fixture is one that has caused great excitement by fans worldwide who are aching to see just how well these two boxers face each other. And that is what sets this match apart from others. It is one of the very few matches people want to see as the two boxers in question are great in their rights.

When it comes to stats Beterbiev and Gvozdyk, seem to have a lot in common. As at the time of writing this news, they both remain undefeated with Beterbiev having won 14 of his 14 matches, all won by KOs. Gvozdyk has remained undefeated for 17 matches, with a total of 14 KOs.

They both enter the match defending a title. Gvozdyk defends his WBC light heavyweight champion title, while Beterbiev defends the IBF title. Both are champions in their divisions, further heightening why the match is highly anticipated. Whoever wins gets to have two titles out of the four major titles for the light heavyweight category.

This would be the second time Gvozdyk would be defending his title since winning it in 2018. Beterbiev, however, would be making his third defense. Although this would be the first time the two fighters are squaring off, they both met at the amateur level where Gvozdyk left the ring, in the second round, with a broken nose. But that was years ago, 10 years ago, and both boxers have both grown, and it seems impossible to predict what turn the match would take.

Both boxers seem like worthy equals, with a lot of similarities both in stats and history, and are even promoted by the same company. Whatever happens, one of them would leave the ring that day with a blemished record and a lost title. Who will it be? We would have to wait till Friday night to find out.

Artur Beterbiev is pegged 2.08 to win the encounter, while Oleksandr Gvozdyk is fanced at 1.72.


Written by: Leon Osamor