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Fury Defeats Wilder in Seventh Round Stoppage

Fury Defeats Wilder in Seventh Round Stoppage

Boxing   |   February 24, 2020


After over a year since the first fight, fans of boxing were treated to an interesting bout between the two former undefeated boxers.

But Tyson Fury was the better man, ending the match at the seventh round as men from Wilder’s corner had to throw in the towel. Fury has now won 30 matches with no loss, having a single draw from the first encounter with Wilder back in 2018.

Before the match, both boxers had talked tough, but only Fury lived up to his word. He showed dominance and courage throughout the bout, landing the toughest punches, despite it being universally agreed that Wilder had the hardest punch.
From the first two rounds, Fury showed skill and resilience, throwing the jabs and dodging the ones from his opponent, forcing the other man to be a little bewildered. The end of the second round saw Fury driving Wilder into the corner.
Before the match, Fury had pledged to end things in the second round, but although he did not, it was obvious from this point that he would claim victory.

In the third round, Fury sent Wilder to the floor with a right punch, but the American was back on his feet, although shaken. It was not long before he was on the floor again, very weak and tired. The bells saved him from further punches from Fury. The fourth round also saw Wilder crashing down, again by his own accord as his legs lost balance and he ended up with a bloodied lip.

The fifth round followed the routine of Wilder falling as he was knocked down for the second time by Fury. By the end of the sixth round, Fury was already sure of his victory as he finished Wilder with a big left hook. The seventh-round was when things got very intense as Fury drove Wilder into a corner, dishing punches left and right until the towel was thrown in, at which point, Wilder’s ear was bleeding already, and Fury declared as winner.

Saturday’s win crowned Fury as the new WBC champion and the latest holder of the Ring magazine title. But the British is no stranger to being at the top after going to Germany in 2015 to get the WBA, IBO, IBF, and other titles from
Wladimir Klitschko. After the match, he called out Wilder, acknowledging his strength and resilience, saying that he could become the champion again, and ended it by calling himself king.

With all the heavyweight titles and belts now in Britain, a Wilder v Joshua match seems imminent. Eddie Hearn, Anthony Joshua’s promoter has called for an undisputed fight between the two, stating that no one was interested in the third match between Wilder and Fury, even though the fight agreement contained a clause that allows a third fight.

Written by: Leon Osamor