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Dubois Defeats Fujimoto

Boxing   |   December 23, 2019


Saturday night was an interesting one for boxing fans as they witnessed one of the best KO in recent times when Daniel Dubois landed a vicious punch on his Japanese opponent, Kyotaro Fujimoto at the early part of the second round.

The match, which took place at the Copper Box Arena in London, was quite short, but pretty intense. From the onset, it was clear that Dubois had the upper hand, as he took control of the first round, before finishing everything quickly in the second round.

From the very first second, Dubois effortlessly sent shots Fujimoto’s way, punched and jabs flowed with ease, giving Fujimoto little time to recover. However, he remained steadfast and was able to finish the first round.

Any thought that Fujimoto would gain a better ground in the second round was quickly diminished as he was landed with a quick jab that brought him to the floor. In his relentless nature, he tried to get back up, until another right-hand punch finished the job.

The match would continue Dubois undefeated streak since turning pro in 2017, with 14 wins and 13 KOs. He also wins the World Boxing Council Silver heavyweight title, which was vacant prior to the win. The win also boosts his ranking and gives him an edge in winning the world title someday.

As for Fujimoto, the 33-year-old needed oxygen after the match, as medics rushed to the ring after the match, even before the referee officially ended it. This would also be his second loss, losing to a 22-year-old Dubois.

Speaking after the match, Dubois recollected how he won, accrediting it to his power and confidence, and also speaking about his pace. He also acknowledged the fact that he keeps collecting belts and winning matches, and hopefully take on some champions, as confirmed by, Dubois’s promoter, Frank Warren, who said they have made offers to fighters like Dereck Chisora and Dilian Whyte. He also made mention of his fighter having his next fixture in three months’ time.



Written by: Leon Osamor