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Conwell Wins Fight Against Agaton

Boxing   |   February 11, 2020


Charles Conwell, on Saturday night, defeated Ramses Agaton in a fight that was his first since last October. It was in October that he KO’d Patrick Day in a fight that saw the fighter go into a coma and die some days later.

Conwell was shaken by the incident and stayed away from the sport for a long time. Now, four months later, he has come back to claim his position, improving his record.

The fight against Agaton was a classic Conwell fight, and it was good to see him perform well despite the reservations people had towards his performance. Many people thought he would let the Day’s incident becloud his style, but Conwell fought well, delivering a series of rapid punches to his opponent. This also made some people wonder if it had any connections with Day, but Conwell later replied that it was the best strategy to employ for such an opponent.

Gearing up for the fight, Conwell admitted he didn’t feel any hesitation or any difference as he prepared for it like any other match. Although the match had a small setting and was not shown on any major station, to relieve him of any pressure he could face, this was after the last match was watched by people worldwide as he sent Day into a coma.

Saturday night’s victory was more than just improving his winning streak, as he now goes 12 fights unbeaten. It also shows that he has moved on past the Day incident. Sure, it was unfortunate, but Conwell has had enough to deal with since then. It is not always easy for a fighter to face the fact that his punch took another man’s life. Day had to leave the match on a stretcher that day and was fighting for his life, only to die 10 days later.

Conwell penned a heartfelt letter to him, stating if he could, he would take it all back and consider quitting boxing. Indeed the general thought was that he would quit as he seriously contemplated the possibility. But he returned to training and that helped him reconcile his thoughts and heal his mind.

He also spoke of his determination to do better this year, wasting no time, as he prepares for his next fight on April 10.



Written by: Leon Osamor