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All Set For Wilder v Fury II


Boxing   |   February 19, 2020


On Saturday, 22nd of February, we would get the opportunity to see two unbeaten champions go against each other in the Wilder v Fury fixture. All plans are already in motion to ensure that the match holds as planned.

Fans of both boxers have been wanting to see the fight since 2018 when both boxers ended their match in a draw – the only draw record in their career statistics. Now, Saturday’s match could add a loss in their record, but who would be the one to go down?

Tyson Fury has come out to say he would do his best to hurt Deontay Wilder in the rematch, recalling their first fixture and regretting how he did not take advantage of Wilder’s weakness to inflict more pain on him. He also described Wilder as a “one-trick pony”, claiming he has mastered all his moves. He also made mention of how Wilder was able to knock him down the last time, twice, without winning, crediting that on his resilience.

Wilder has said he is ready for the match, as he describes it as a match that would settle the question of who is greater between the two, as the last fixture left their fans with so many unanswered questions. He said he hopes to not only knockout Fury but win. He also references that the match was in February, duly dubbed Black History Month, and he would strive to earn a win, making Fury a “black history trivia question.”

As pointed out by Fury’s promoter, Frank Warren, the fight has a rematch clause, where the loser can call for a rematch within 30 days. This makes it more interesting as it would be easier to settle who is indeed the greatest. Boxers like Anthony Joshua are particular about the outcome of the match as he would face the winner to find the number 1 heavyweight in the world.

Dillian Whyte is rooting for Fury to win, even though the win would not benefit him in any way. Otto Wallin, who badly bruised Fury in a match the latter won, is quite pessimistic about a possible Fury win. Luiz Ortiz is quite hopeful that Wilder wins, stating that he (Wilder) has no respect for Fury and would do everything to beat him.

At the moment, Wilder has a statistics of 42-0-1, while Fury has 29-0-1. Saturday’s fight could change the “0” to “1” in either of the records.