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Basketball Predictions: How to Predict NBA Matches

basketball match prediction

Basketball Predictions   |   July 27, 2020


Before placing a bet on a basketball game, you have to be sure of what you are doing. Betting is all about making the right predictions, although that would ultimately be decided by the outcome of the game. Still, you have to do your part to make sure that your bet is as correct as possible. The more accurate your better your chances of winning. So why not take the time to understand how to make more accurate predictions before placing your bet.

Study The Past Season

If you are waiting for a new season to start before placing your bets, you should take your time to study the previous season to build your knowledge. As expected, no two seasons are the same, but knowledge of the past would guide you when the new season commences. Knowledge of the past season would help you calculate the average points per game in the last season to help you when placing Total bets. Find out which teams performed well and why they did so. For example, a player could have been the driving force of the team, leading them to the semi-finals before they lost. Obviously, that team played a good game all season. But after the season, the player announced that he was changing teams or retiring. You do not need telling that the team may not be able to perform as well as they did in the last season anymore.

Find out changes made between the previous season and the next one to understand teams and players better before placing your bets.

Study Teams

To predict the outcome of a game, you have to be aware of how the teams are doing. This means you have to keep up with news and games to monitor their performance. You have to know the form of a team before making your predictions. When a team is not in form, the performance would be disappointing. For example, in a season, the Los Angeles Lakers have 3 of their main players out on injury, including LeBron James and Rajon Rondo, two of their key players. For the time those players are away, Lakers would not be in form and may always be at the mercy of their opponents.

Being current with a team’s form and performance would enable you to make more correct basketball match predictions.

Outcome Of Past Games

You might be able to tell the outcome of a game from previous ones, and this works in two ways.

For the first one, this has to do with the team’s performance. For example, if Los Angeles Lakers have won their past 2 games with over 10 points, you might easily predict that they would win their next game by the same margin. This works more than half of the time, but you also have to consider their opponents. If their last two opponents were underdogs and their next one is, then they might replicate similar results. But if their next opponent is an evenly matched team, like Miami Heats, then you may have to reconsider staking.

The second one is the previous meeting between two teams. If Lakers have won 3 out of their past 5 meetings against Heats, then it is very likely for them to win their next one. A team that has beaten another more in their previous fixtures has a high chance of beating them again. So that is something you always have to consider.

Home Court Advantage

This is a rather subtle factor to consider, but it is almost worth mentioning. According to statistics, teams have won more games at home than away. This is not to say that all teams would win their home match, but there is a greater chance that they would win at home than away.