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NBA Week 30: 2019/2020 NBA Championship Final Betting Tips

September 29, 2020  

It has been a journey, since last year October, but we are finally in the finals. Miami Heat triumphed over the Boston Celtics in Game 6, securing the crown as the King of the East Conference. Los Ang... Read More

NBA Week 29: Thursday Betting Tips

September 21, 2020  

Now, we are fully in the conference finals with two teams from each conference battling to be the champion of their conference. The two teams who qualify as the champion of their conference would face... Read More

NBA Week 29: Friday Betting Tips

September 21, 2020  

We are now in the latter games of the Conference finals. This is the point where the last 4 teams struggle for a chance at the NBA Finals. The games these past few weeks have been fun and we are just ... Read More

NBA Week 28: Thursday Betting Tips

September 14, 2020  

The NBA season is slowly winding to a conclusion and almost all teams have been defeated, leaving us with just 4 teams who will play for the conference finals at their respective regions. Teams would ... Read More

NBA Week 27: Thursday Betting Tips

September 7, 2020  

It’s another glorious week at the bubble and anyone who has been following the playoffs would agree that it has been quite the competition. Now all our 8 teams have progressed to Round 2 of the playof... Read More

NBA Week 27: Friday Betting Tips

September 7, 2020  

At the bubble, the game never ends and Friday is another day for playoff matches. Already, we have been entertained and also mildly surprised by the outcome of some games. Here we would be looking at ... Read More

NBA Week 26: Thursday Betting Tips

September 1, 2020  

The playoffs keep getting interesting and we have seen some teams progress to the next round. Although play was disrupted last week due to some protest, the players have gone back to the court and the... Read More

NBA Week 26: Friday Betting Tips

September 1, 2020  

Friday is another day of Round 2 of the playoffs. So far, 4 teams have been eliminated from the Eastern Conference with the remaining 4 playing at the next level, which is also the Conference semifina... Read More

NBA Week 25: Friday Betting Tips

August 24, 2020  

The action in the bubble never stops and teams are determined to prove that they have what to take to dominate their conference and head to the finals. The playoffs have been quite interesting and som... Read More

NBA Week 24: Friday Betting Tips

August 17, 2020  

Friday, August 21 is Game 3 of the playoffs and we are must have been entertained already. The past two weeks in the bubble has been fun and it is good to see the NBA pick up from where it left with s... Read More

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